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Sleepwalking is the act of walking while one is fully asleep. Some sleepwalkers have been know to drive cars, turn on computers, or even have sexual intercourse, according to our text, From Inquiry to Understanding. Sleepwalking can be a very scary phenomenon when it occurs to you. One evening I slept walked. I was in the town of Chatfield sleeping over a friend's house. I remember going to sleep on the couch. The next thing that I remember is waking up because I stubbed my toe. I was very confused as to how I ended up walking barefoot around town. I was very confused and it took me some time to piece together the puzzle. As scared and estranged that I was to my situation, I was very happy that I at least had clothes on. Till today my mother worries me to not sleep naked. Just in case I have another sleeping promenade! Little is known as to why we sleepwalk. Strangely, sleepwalking normally doesn't occur throughout the REM sleep. REM, stands for Rapid Eye Movement. REM sleep is a period of time when the brain is most active while sleeping. Throughout the REM period it is almost as if we are awake. Logically, we could draw the conclusion that people sleep walk during REM sleep because of the fact that they are so active, almost awake. This is an incorrect assumption. Our text explains that "Contrary to popular misconception, sleepwalkers aren't acting out their dream, because sleepwalking almost always occurs during non REM (especially stage 3 o4 4) sleep. Sleepwalking is also know as Somnambulism, a subject of study that in our time may become less of a mystery.

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