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As college students, we are all used to individuals interrupting our busy, college lives by standing on our busy, college sidewalks and trying to peddle some crap (with the exception of free food) that busy, college kids don't need. After hypothetically attending Psych lecture last week, I received the following flyer: View image, View image

I was surprised that the University, especially the Psychology Department, would allow such a seminar to take place Coffman. Speed-reading does work, in the sense of being able to read a page of text in two mintues rather than three. The error in critical thinking is that correlation isn't caustion. People assume that reading speed ultimately means reading comprehension, but in fact, studies have shown that reading faster than 400 words a minute reduces the rate of comprehension by less than 50%. Techniques such as skimming, as know as not reading everything, allow you to read massive amounts of text in record time, but significantly hurt the amount of that text you actually understand. In this case, being an average college student (reading 200-300 words per minute) is perfectly acceptable.

I hope your Wednesday and Thursday was better spent, say by game-planning (not to be confused with pre-gaming) for the Zombie Pub Crawl.

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