Unconsciously Intentionally Wasting Our Time

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I don't know about the rest of you, but I face a major problem every time I sit down at a computer. When I go to Google, with the full intention of doing something productive, I unconsciously begin to type "f-a-c-e-b..." oh wait, that's not what I wanted to do right now. I wanted to do something important, like research for a class. Not go on Facebook.

A lot of people now just naturally go onto facebook.com without even realizing their doing it. The unconscious mind notices habits and looks to continue them because it feels natural. To sit down at a computer, open up the Internet browser, and immediately go to Facebook has become second nature to many people around the world.

Looking more into the phenomena could be extremely useful. If we could understand why the mind attempts to repeat habits over and over, we may be better be able to understand why habits are so hard to break. Possibly habits go down to the deepest sections of the brain: the unconscious. We also may be better able to understand how mental addictions work and why the mind desires to continue these addictions or trends. Or maybe it's as simple that using Facebook is just an addiction.

Perhaps the greatest question of all is: Why does the brain unconsciously do something like return to Facebook when it knows the body has more important things to be doing. It's as if our unconscious intentionally wastes time by automatically performing actions that will waste time. We may one day be able to answer these questions and better understand why the brain appears to have a desire to waste time.
Speaking of which, I had Facebook open for the entire duration of writing this blog post.

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