What do we really know?

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Since the beginning of time, humans have had mysteries. As a human, I think we have significantly progressed from when we first came to earth (still disputed). However, even with mass transit running at two hundred miles an hour and multi-national trade organizations we still have some mysteries that we encounter. From the many mysteries we still encounter, here we have Brooke Greenberg:

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How old is this girl? Maybe one or two years old? No, this girl was born in 1993 making her eighteen years old now. At this point she is equivalent in age to a college freshman! According to Dr. Walker in South Florida, Brooke's body is aging out of synchronization. Some parts of her body are aging faster than other parts of her body. He nails and hair seem to be the only things that grow normally. In 2009, her bone development was equivalent to that of a ten year old. Of course Brooke has had some health problems, but she has recovered sometimes spontaneously. For example, Brooke was only four years old when she fell into a fourteen day lethargy. The doctors diagnosed her with a brain tumor. After the parents bought a casket for her, she woke up like nothing had ever happened.
What I am so intrigued by is how unique she is. The only thing doctors can do at this point is rule out rival hypotheses. I could be a simple miracle, but scientists are skeptical and strive to scientifically explain this. All around the country, doctors could guess what might cause this across the world, but Dr. Richard Walker and geneticist Maxine Sutcliffe have to work together to rule out other hypothesis. This, in the world of medicine, is sometimes the best way to narrow the results. Many times diagnosing a patient is a "team endeavor". Doctors will give a diagnosis and after many tests, the patients doctor must rule out other hypothesis. In the end, however, the doctor will try his/her best to correctly diagnose the patient. In this case, Walker could claim one mutation for example, but in this case this claim requires extraordinary evidence. However, it seems like doctors have not been able to diagnose Brooke.

Maybe she holds the secret to staying young forever?

Stay tuned Vogue Magazine!


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Picture 1:
Picture 2: http://www.google.com/imgres?q=brooke+greenberg+life&um=1&hl=en&biw=1040&bih=632&noj=1&tbm=isch&tbnid=QhNifKaq9DFz9M:&imgrefurl=http://allofstrange.blogspot.com/2011/05/brooke-greenberg-16-year-old-has-body.html&docid=yHPZtYbFWoTMhM&w=450&h=350&ei=AzKFTt_8L4WFtgf6uP07&zoom=1


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Wow! This is a very interesting topic. It has to do with several aspects of psychology: scientific thinking, medicine, and behaviorism. Behaviorism because I believe that his sort of problem causes many behavioral problems and mental issues as well. This effects all aspects of a human body. I wonder if it is more than a gene mutation.

Thank you!

So far, evidence suggests it is not more than a gene mutation. The really cool thing about this is how we can take this a apply it to other humans in a more controlled fashion. Could we prevent people from looking old? Maybe, but it would require a lot of time and R&D!

Thank you for reading it and thank you for your comment!


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