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Inattentional blindness is an extraordinary event where we unconsciously "forget" to pay attention to small details. This often occurs when we are extremely focused on a task or some sort of event that we become blind to the simplest of perceptions available. This concept really strikes me as important because of how we could miss the smallest of things which in turn could wind up affecting us in a much greater way. This video is a great example of this phenomena in progress ( http://youtu.be/Ahg6qcgoay4 ) because unless you have already done it and know about it most will be shocked to find what they missed. There are other examples such as the "Disappearing Card" trick where the user simply swaps every card after asking the subject to focus solely on one, or this video http://youtu.be/vBPG_OBgTWg where the subjects are so determined to help the person in need that they forget about the person themselves. It simply fascinates me that we humans are constantly ruling our events and objects that our sub-conscience declares as unimportant. And I truly begin to wonder, "To what extend will our brain rule our things as unimportant but we the consciously determine important at a later time". I also wonder since Marc Green declares it normal for this action to occur at http://www.visualexpert.com/Resources/inattentionalblindness.html, what it takes for the few people that overcome this even feel and observe on a daily basis. Is it a ridiculous overload on information? Or is only linked with disorders such as ADD?

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