When We Know Who We Are

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After watching the BBC Horizon: The Secret You, I was better able to understand when we become aware as we are as ourselves. Marcus was trying to recall the point where he became conscious, but was not able to do so. He then was able to recall when he realized that his son became self aware, which happened at around 18 months. The most common test for self awareness is the mirror self recognition test. In this test a toddler will be put in front of a mirror. They will first be given the chance to see their reflection and become familiar with it. Their parents would then pretend to wipe their nose and while doing so place a sticker on the toddler's cheek with out them knowing. The test is then to see whether the toddler will recognize that they have a sticker on their cheek. The signs of recognition are if the toddlers attempt to remove the mark. If they do, this shows that they realize that it is them who they see in the mirror. These are the first signs of self recognition. This usually happens between the ages of 18-24 months. After this realization, Marcus began to question whether animals could recognize self, or even a single cell. After research we have been able to conclude that those who are members of the Great Apes family (Humans, Chimpanzees and Orangutans) are able to recognize themselves. He puts it as "we engage in a mental time travel."

I find self awareness to be very interesting, but also very tricky. Even today when I look in the mirror, I can recognize myself, but I feel I look different every time I look. It makes me realize that our subconscious mind is very complex and hard to understand. I think it is very worthwhile and interesting to study further on the interworking of our consciousness.

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