With October Comes Haunted Thoughts.

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I am going to put this out there right away and say that I am a believer in ghosts and the whole paranormal thing because I think I have experienced some activity in this area. I'm going to try and not be confirmation biased. There is little to no scientific evidence that shows that ghosts exist. I think that most of the evidence that proves this pseudoscience is true is anecdotal evidence. We believe ghosts exist from the stories we hear, and tend to believe that things happen to us because mysterious things have happened to other which makes it more believable. My family thinks that our house may have some "spirits" in it because we hear a lot of noises at night and things get knocked around in the kitchen when no one is there. Maybe we should consider the sixth scientific principle though: Occam's Razor. Although the fact that it could be actions of the paranormal that we hear/see, it could also very well just be the house or appliances making noises, or a slight breeze moving something, or there may not be a reason that something falls. Something in the kitchen could just fall for no reason. We also need to pay attention to the fifth scientific principle of extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. There is no scientific evidence that proves the ghosts exist, but then again, nothing is ever "proved." There have been some studies that say geomagnetic fields cause many of the experiences and feelings associated with ghostly activity, according to Professor Michael Persinger of Laurentian University in Canada. With such extraordinary claims as seeing ghosts and spirits of the after life, there needs to be some pretty extraordinary evidence to support this claim, I agree. But is there even a way to test this idea? How do we know what equipment to use or where to go or anything about the research process to finding ghostly evidence? We just have to keep trying until we achieve substantial evidence that can be used to build this theory. Will we ever know if there are actually entities causing things to go bump in the night? Or are the things we see and hear just our minds playing tricks on us? Is it really just geomagnetic fields stimulating our temporal lobes?

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