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How many intelligences do you truly have? According to Howard Gardner and his theory of multiple intelligences the answer is eight. Gardner says that these intelligences include:

This intelligence is the ability to work in logical sequences and work with numbers. Some of the ways to show this is through the computation of complex math problems, thinking scientifically, and recognition of abstract patterns.
This is the ability to judge objects in space using only the mind and eyes. This is more of an abstract intelligence and it is commonly said that people in the arts such as architects and other design based jobs possess high levels of this intelligence.
As the name suggests this has to do with the language aspect of the brain. This can include both written and verbal forms of the language. People with high amounts of this intelligence usually enjoy reading and writing and playing various word games to keep their mind sharp.
This intelligence allows people to very sensitive to sound and the rhythm of music. A very extreme example of this intelligence is people with perfect pitch who are able to tell one note from another just by simply hearing it.
This is knowing your own self. People with high amounts with this intelligence often like to learn alone and work alone on tasks if given the option. They are also very in touch with their emotions and feelings.
This is the opposite of the intrapersonal intelligence. People with high amounts of this intelligence often like working in groups and learn best through interaction with other people. They also have a strong sense of how people feel around them.
The bodily-kinesthetic intelligence is one in which gives you control over your body and the way it moves. This is important in people who do very physically skilled based positions. This also allows people to communicate through body movement and language.
Naturalistic intelligence is the ability to be able to recognize the world around you. Whether this be classifying plants or knowledge such as farming or gardening, the naturalistic intelligence all has to do with you and the world around us.

This theory of the multiple intelligences have been very interesting to the teaching community because if Gardener's theory is true then the best way for people to learn would be by combining all of these different ways of learning. One major problem with his theory though is that not all of the different intelligences can be tested in a scientific way, so there is no way to prove his theory of multiple intelligences. If his theory were to be correct however, this may open a new window into teaching and understanding how the mind is able to learn under all different circumstances.

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