A Psychological Take On Dating Mistakes (you know you want to read it).

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Allison Conner, Psy. D., did specific research on different couples and singles around the country and came up with a scientific and surprisingly somewhat emotional take on tips for dating, the most common mistakes, and how to avoid them. Conner came up with a top ten, and she states that all these mistakes are more than fixable. A couple of these steps include trying not to play games. At one point or another everyone fears rejection, and depriving your involvement may make you feel secure but this may make you come off as distant or detached. Another form of this would be lying to an individual to get into bed with them. Manipulation is obviously wrong and Conner says that its ok to be genuine and do not be afraid to be yourself and put your best foot forward.
Another topic was talking too much about your ex. Connor states that information on your ex is something that will eventually be shared in the relationship, but while still in the early stages it is bits and pieces of your past that should be left there. Connor says that bringing old baggage into a new relationship creates clutter.
A third piece of advice was what Conner called the "rush in, rush out". She asks her subjects if they rush into love or get overly involved much too soon. This leads to possibly leading your partner on or possibly getting yourself taken for a ride.
Lastly, in general, Conner says that if you have any of these conflicts, or any of the others that she has conjured up, its best if you notice and address them right away.


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