Are violent video games bad?

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Are violent video games bad? Do they cause aggression, or help vent stress in an way in which nobody is harmed? Growing up brings on a slew of emotions and stress that young teenagers have to learn to cope with. The argument states the very interesting point that violence in video games can help children deal with certain emotions that could be harmful to others if they were dealt with in other ways. Think of a child who is angry at a fellow classmate. Wouldn't it be better if he/she deals with this anger by playing a game in a virtual world were the emotion is released on a virtual character, rather than engaging in a physical fight with the classmate? In this scenario, both parties win and nobody is hurt.

The counter point to this argument that is brought up is the fact that children who do not posses violent behaviors can pick them up through video games and then engage in real life violence. While this could be possible in some, I personally think that it is more beneficial to let the children who already have the emotions of anger or violence take it out in a way that does not harm anyone, rather than focus on the few children who cannot differentiate reality versus video games.

Another interesting point brought up in this panel is the idea that children not only are able to deal with the emotion, but learn to vent it and become a master of it. Think of growing up in the middle school and high school years. There are many things being learned, and how to deal with emotion is one of them. By finding ways to positively express these new and powerful emotions, the child masters it and has ways to deal with them in the future. I believe that is a very positive thing that is not considered much in the debate on violent video games. If one is able to master a way to deal with anger by sitting down and playing video games, then the child is not participating in other negative activities that can lead to even more negative activities in the future. By learning to deal with sadness and down days by playing video games, the child is avoiding self destructive behavior that could occur as they get older such as smoking cigarettes and taking it out on other people.

There may be other ways that children can learn how to deal with emotions, but I feel like video games are a good way for some children to take out emotions in a positive or neutral way. Everyone has their own stance on the subject and may feel like these ideas are only selective to only a portion of those who play video games, but there is no right answer to this debate as everyone differs in the way they react to violence in video games.

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