Attractiveness and Relationships

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Through psychology, it appears that the popular claim that opposites attract is misleading. Two similar counterparts are more likely to make a whole versus opposing couples. The article provided above is evidence to this idea.

It would make sense that one chooses to surround themselves with people who live near them and see frequently, have similar interests, and have a mutual relationship. While relationships begin between people who live closely together, it isn't necessarily necessary to live close to maintain the relationship. My mother's best friend lives in a different state than her, but when they are together, it appears as if they see each other every day. It is their interests and sense of reciprocity between each other that maintains their relationship.

Today, people often hear of friends being in bad, abusive relationships. This could be a result of media's obsession with portraying couples who are exact opposites. The media gives rise to the idea that opposites attract, and it is necessary for two people to be different to be complete. However, we cannot draw causation from correlation.

However, being too similar to someone does not mean that the relationship will be destined to work out. Another popular idea is that the qualities we don't like in others are often qualities we possess ourselves. Whether this is true or not, I have had personal experiences being in relationships with people who are too much like me. In these cases, I feel as though I get annoyed more easily or lose my sense of identity. It is as if we are all the same. However, this is anecdotal evidence, so people should be weary of it.

In general, the ideas of proximity, similarity, familiarity, reciprocity, and barriers apply to the general public's relationships. People chose to be around people who are close to them, have similar interest and views, and benefit from each other. These characteristics can be said to be essential for a positive, healthy relationship.

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