Being Prosecuted as an Adult

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While reading chapter ten I came across a particular section and immediately bookmarked it for this blog post. The section was on the cognitive changes in adolescence and it dealt with how the brain develops with age. More importantly though it touched on the subject of how some adolescents are "pardoned" for their crimes because their brains are not fully capable of making good decisions. To this idea I definitely agree. However, I sometimes don't agree with how the law handles this. The law generally considers adults as eighteen years of age and older, but sometimes younger teens can be convicted as adults depending on the case, and how hard the prosecutors push to try the defendant as an adult.
The way I believe it should work is that there should be rules "set in stone" about how this works. I believe that for certain crimes, committed at certain ages, it should be required that the defendant be prosecuted as an adult. For example, many teens 16-17 years old commit attempts of murder every year, and find themselves using the excuse of "my brain isn't fully developed yet" as a way of getting barely anytime in jail, and back on the streets. If there were more specific rules on age and crime serious crimes like attempted murder could be dealt with more effectively. Any normally developed teen at the age of 15, 16 or 17 should know that killing somebody is wrong, and if they decide to try and kill somebody, they should be punished like somebody who is 20, 30, 40, etc.

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