Can the Moon Determine the Gender of a Baby?

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We all know the story of the stork flying though the starry night, innocently delivering babies to hopeful young couples. However, we also know that this little story is completely untrue (although still a good excuse when small children ask where babies come from!). As a child grows older, they learn that when a husband and wife love each other, they get married and eventually partake in god's special gift of sex and that is what makes a baby. As if this process isn't miracle enough, there are now claims being made that the day the baby is conceived will predict the gender of the baby!

Check out this web site/article: .
This web site claims that if you use the Chinese Lunar Calendar, you will be able to predict the sex of your future child. There is a date generator that asks for the mother's birth date and the date of conception. Then, based on these two dates, the Chinese Lunar Calendar will be able to calculate whether the baby will be a boy or girl. This is a very extraordinary claim. As we have learned in Psychology 1001, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence (also referred to as Occam's razor, one of the six scientific thinking principles). Within the web site stated above, there is absolutely no evidence that could support such a crazy claim.

In my opinion, it is better to simply wait out the pregnancy to find out what gender your newborn will be. There is no point in becoming invested in hoax claims that have no evidence of their validity or reliability. From the text book "Psychology From Inquiry to Understanding", by Scott Lilienfeld and others, we know that after conception, the sperm fertilizes an egg to produce a zygote which forms a blastocyst during the germinal stage of prenatal development. The cells in the blastocyst do not yet have specific functions. Once the cells take on functions, the blastocyst becomes an embryo (at about 2 weeks into pregnancy). At this stage, the major organs and limbs are developed. Then the embryo turns into a fetus which marks the first heart beat. This process of development has been proven and can be observed in everyday life. So, although some websites claim to be able to predict the sex of a child based of the conception date, we know that it will not be until weeks into a pregnancy when organs start to develop and the baby becomes a boy or girl.

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