"Criminal Minds." Can we really know what they think?

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"Criminal Minds" personally one of my favorite TV shows, and I am more than sure a few of you are fans as well. But have you ever wondered, how do they know who this guy is and what he is thinking? They all do this with no prior knowledge of the suspect, and as the show makes it seem to all occurs in a very brief period of time. They seem to be able to trace the suspects patterns before a large series of cases seem to erupt.
A well known FBI profiler, Gregg O. McCrary, said that the basic premise is that the behavior reflects personality. As in the popular television show, in which most episodes include some sort of homicide, these cases can be broken into 4 parts.
1) Antecedent: What plans were in place before the act? What triggered the occurrence to act on some days as opposed to others?
A. If watching the show this usually occurs in the scenes either at the little HQ they set up on site, or back at the lab. This is when they look at the possibly related cases a how they could be related to this one, and why they may be happening.
2) Methods and Manner: What type of victims was being selected? What was the method?
A. In many episodes they get there after a few cases. This may range anywhere from families with young girls, to men in their 40's. Some of these cases may be swift or may be long and drawn out, seeming like some sort of ritualistic killing.
3) Body Disposal: How was the body disposed of?
A. There have been some extreme cases on the show. In which one episode the perpetrator fed the victims to people. In others the killer leaves all the bodies in similar places.
4) Post-Offense Behavior: Has the murderer been attempting to involve himself with the cases?
A. In several these episodes the murderer is sometimes the least suspect man that is right in front of teams face the whole time. Other times he waits and hides till he decides to strike again.
After looking at all the info it seems very possible for one to analyze the criminal with the proper training. It would require a great attention to detail and a creative mind. I am also lead to believe even though the show makes it seem very possible it is missing a few key points (and yes I know TV isn't always accurate). The show uses what it seems to be like relatively small amounts of evidence. This atop the fact that the make it seem like it takes no time at all to solve cases.


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