Defense Mechanisms In Sports

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Defense Mechanisms: Unconscious maneuvers intended to minimize anxiety.

According to Freud, our ego engages in using defense mechanisms to deal with anxiety. People use these in everyday life in order to feel better about themselves. If something bad happens to you, just forget it. If you did something wrong, you can blame it on something else. Us, as human beings, subconsciously deceive ourselves so that we can emotionally feel better.

This is extremely common in sports. Professional and Varsity athletes are under huge amounts of pressure to perform well. If a professional football player plays poorly, he will not get signed to a contract, and lose out on millions of dollars. If a high school football player plays poorly, he will be the laughing stock of the school and will not score that hot prom date.

In order to deal with failures in sports, athletes unconsciously use defense mechanisms.

In a football game last year. Wide Receiver, Steve Johnson, dropped the winning touchdown pass. He later went on to blame God on his Twitter account. Asking how "God could do this to me." He is displacing his poor play onto God so he does not feel as bad.

As a former high school football player, I have experienced defense mechanisms first hand. I remember players looking at their hands as if they did something wrong after dropping a pass. Personally, I took a hard helmet to helmet hit after catching a pass during a game. This caused me to fumble the ball. I don't know if it was the concussion causing me to forget the play, or my ego trying to REPRESS it, but either way, I do not remember it very well.

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