Does Money Buy Happiness?

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It seems that overall rich people are happier than poor people. Is that really true? If so, what aspect of being rich makes people so happy? Could some of the aspects of being rich that make people so happy be replicated in other ways to make poor people happier. Here is a great article on this topic.
The freedom that having money provides is a large contributor to happiness. Not having to worry about whether or not you're going to be able to pay your bills is a huge stressor for some. Also having money gives you the freedom to travel and do more of the things you enjoy. On the flip side rich people generally have more time consuming jobs which many times means less time for those things. It also means less time to spend with family and friends which is the most enjoyable thing anyone can do. People also enjoy having more control over their lives. A higher paying job usually gives people more control over decisions in the work place and they are not constantly being bossed around. I believe that if a poor person could be just as happy as a rich person if they were able to have these aspects in their own life.

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