Emerging Adulthood: College Students

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Emerging adulthood is defined as the period in our lives from the ages 18-25. This is the stage in life where many aspects of emotion develop. This stage particularly applies to college students like us.

Although changes in personality also occur, the Emerging Adulthood stage is still different from earlier adolescence. In adolescence, the primary internal conflict is "identity vs. role confusion." For example,in adolescence prior to the Emerging Adulthood stage, I solidified who my friends are, that I still see today. I also could be labeled with an identity as I played sports in high school. Emerging Adulthood is different from earlier adolescence because it deals with internal personal development rather than how we are seen by others in the environment.

So right now, it is normal for us to be preoccupied with our own internal personal developments. The Emerging Adulthood stage is categorized by a solidity in personality and life goals. I know for certain that I (at 19 years old) think about my life goal each day. This stage may be due to the fact that it is the age in which we, as colleges students, determine our profession that will impact the rest of our lives. My main question is that if this stage can change based on cultural input. For example, would people living in a culture where youth assume more responsibility at an earlier age undergo the Emerging Adulthood stage earlier in life. Like 15 or 16. Or is the solidity of personality and identity due to biological reasons not occurring until later years. (18-25)

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