Murder: A Consequence of Playing Video Games?

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There are many debates over video games and how it affects people. It has been proposed that video games lead people to become more aggressive due to the aggression and violence involved in them. Such video games include Grand Theft Auto, Halo, and others, which emphasize killing, raping, and illegal acts in order to obtain points. But, there are many questions as to the correlation and causation of such accusations of video games and aggression.
One great example that considers the aggression caused by video games took place in Alabama in 2003 by Devin Moore. Moore was apprehended under suspicion of having driven a stolen car and then snatched a policeman's gun and shot two officers and a dispatcher. Devin blamed his actions on the inspiration of the Grand Theft Auto game series, which he claimed to have played obsessively and ended up taking out a lawsuit against the creators of GTA.
Another example that I have personally took interest in is discussed in the book "Nineteen Minutes" by Jodi Picoult. In this book, a young man has been constantly bullied since a child by the popular kids for being a nerd. To help deal with this reality, he creates a video game that is set in a school and its objective is to kill the popular students. But, this video game becomes a reality when the teenager, Peter Houghton, becomes the shooter at his high school one day.
But could video games really cause someone to murder another? It is a great question that still remains unanswered.

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