Nonverbal Clues and Mixed Messages

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Chapter 11 of Lilienfeld's text talks about nonverbal leakage as the unconscious expressing of our feelings into actions. This is a common form of communication we use every day that we just don't think about (hence, the unconscious). But when there is a lack of either the verbal or nonverbal parts of communicating with one another, it is hard to distinguish the real meaning to what the communicator is trying to say. When you have both aspects playing a part, the emotion is intensified and fully communicated. A person who is deaf or can't hear very well relies greatly on other people's gestures and body language. It is they're way of reading their expressions and arm movements to help decipher the emotion. Here is an article that talks a little bit about "deaf culture" and how body language plays an important role in their lives--something they don't take for granted.
There are so many people who are hearing impaired and live in a culture of people who aren't hard of hearing. And they survive and live just as meaningful and fulfilling lives. It would be interesting to see what a world would be like where everyone was deaf and only relied on facial expressions, body language and gestures. I bet we would still be able to communicate as much as we could with words

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