Sexual Orientation

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The concept of sexual orientation has come up in chapter 11 suggested that a persons sexual orientation is something that is not controlled but instead it is due to a small cluster of neurons in the hypothalamus in the brain. Simon LeVay proposed this in 1981, in later years investigators exposed gay men and heterosexual men and women to phernomes. The results were that homosexual men responded similar to the women's when they smelled the substance derived from male sweat. These finding supported LeVay's earlier results. Further studies have shown that the brain's corpus callosum was is larger in homosexuals than heterosexual men. Scientists have also found that there are physical aspects that also differ. For instance, a majority of left-handed individuals are not homosexual. The article "The Science of Sexual Orientation" by Daniel Schorn published by CBS news discusses to twin boys (Jared and Adam) and their very different interests. Jared was always interested in "boy things" playing with G.I. Joe's, guns... which Adam enjoyed playing with dolls. The scientist Lesley Stahl stated that Adam was demonstrating extreme gender nonconformity she also went on to say that children that show this sign usually grow up to be homosexual. Adam and Jared's mom stated that she began to notice this when Adam was only 18 months old when he began to ask for Barbie dolls. Similar to Jared and Adam were the twins Greg and Steve who were also discussed in the article. This article explained two situations in which one twin was homosexual and the other was not this provides some evidence that sexual orientation does not have to do with nurture but most likely genetics. These findings I thought were very interesting they do not necessarily show that correlation is causation, meaning we still do not know what the difference is, but to me these findings did show that a person's sexual orientation is not a choice but in fact they are born either homosexual or heterosexual and that there are many factors that contribute including perhaps genetic. Video: (video could not be embedded) Direct link: News article:;contentBody

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