the big five

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There are many personality tests out there, but who's to say that these tests are an accurate measure of one's personality. The test that I would like to focus on is the Big Five inventory. Though this test seemed fairly accurate in its findings, does this test really consider enough factors?
The factors that are tested in the Big Five are openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. These characteristics are important but not all powerful and the only ones that matter. These traits are not independent of each other, for example how open you are may be correlated to how extraverted you are. This causes the Big Five to not be a comprehensive analysis.
Another aspect of this personality profile that is not cohesive is the admittance of other personality traits that are very important in determining the way that one reasons, thinks or acts. Important traits that need to also be considered are how masculine or feminine one is or motivation or religion, among many others.
Another issue with this test is that it is a self-report test which lacks in reliability. One person may believe they are extremely outgoing or extraverted, but have a friend that is twenty times more so but they may still receive the same score. This is because people interpret questions in a different way because everyone has their own experiences and are bias to a degree.

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