the science of dating

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The topic of "better dating through science" during discussion got me thinking about dating in our culture today. Young people today are now cohorts of the online dating epidemic. Online dating is turning attraction into a scientific equation. In this article found in the New York Times, they talk about different websites approaches to finding the "perfect match." Personally, I am turned off by many of these websites. For example, matches people up completely by genetic testing. they attempt to match people up based on likeness of immune system. These extraordinary claims must be backed up with some extraordinary evidence. That is where I have a problem with a lot of these sites. Most of the results are inconclusive. These websites take millions of dollars from people claiming to give them their perfect match, but offer little concrete evidence in the end. They are trying to turn love into an equation by using cheek swabs and extensive tests.
On the other hand, there are some websites that truly aim to cater to personality likeness. has had a good success rate of long term relationships. Their matching is based on personality traits rather than biological sameness. Overall the notion of a computer deciding who you are attracted to is something that is hard to swallow. It is frightening to think that pretty soon no one will be finding their true love without help from survey or test.

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