True Love?

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Our society is constantly bombarded with stories of love. The relationships of the famous, movies, books, and our friends surround and envelop us with the idea of "true love." For example, one of my favorite books is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. In this novel two of the main characters, Elizabeth and Darcey, fall into a love that is totally pure and unconditional. All they want to do is spend the rest of their lives together.


In our text book, it is described how love is studied scientifically. We like people depending on their proximity (physical nearness), their similarities, and reciprocity (give and take) to ourselves. There is also the fact that we do judge a book by it's cover, a person has to be physically attractive for us to pursue them. There is also the triangular theory of love proposed by Robert Sternberg, that proposes that love consists of intimacy, passion, and commitment.


These ideas break love down into a very clear manner, but it makes me wonder, can love be this simple and scientific? I don't want to believe it is, but I know myself to be a romantic. I think there are other parts of love that can't be explained by science. For example, the textbook says that passionate love (love marked by powerful, even overwhelming, longing for one's partner) tends to change to companionate love (love marked by a sense of deep friendship) as the relationship progresses. What about those people that seem just as passionate as when they first started the relationship? I don't think love can be boxed and tied up neatly. I think there are other variables to love that will can't be described, but I am also interested to see what information about the idea of love will be discovered in the future.

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