Viloent Media and Aggression

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Violent media influencing aggression is a very interesting topic to me. It is saying on one side that watching violent television programs or playing violent video games causes people to be more violent and aggressive in their everyday lives. Then on the other hand there is the argument that people that are already violent or aggressive just happen to watch and play these violent media forms. This is a matter of correlation versus causation because we don't know that these two factors are correlated and if they are we don't know that one causes the other, or which one causes which. This study is important because it could help us learn why some people act the way that they do and also whether or not it is crucial that we don't allow children to view these kinds of media in case they should permanently influence their life styles and choices. This issue is so interesting to me because it is so hard to decide which side I would agree with because both have the possibility of being correct. I would agree that violent media influences the behaviors of children as we saw in the video in discussion. Though there were also the factors such as the fact that some children may have only participated because all the other kids were doing it. There is also the fact that these children were playing not being aggressive for real and we don't know that this would be a way that they continue to act or if it only occurred at that time immediately following the show and then they forgot all about it. Perhaps this only affects young children and they should be monitored. ( Some may think though that if affects all adolescents' not just young children. That video games and movies can make teens even act more violent and aggressive. We can't know though whether that is the cause or not. ( Then there is the fact that maybe the media isn't the cause of that behavior it could be the effect.

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