What is a traditional family?

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It is evident that the traditional family has had some major transformations over the recent years. The video above shares interesting facts on the changing family of today. Irma Zandl from the video states, "There are 30% fewer 30-40 year olds married today than were in the 70s. Marriage and parenthood are also drifting apart, with only four in ten births in this country to married women." I found these statistics very interesting because these changes directly affect the environment in which children are growing up. So how exactly have these changes affected children?
Lucky for me I have learned all about this in my exceptionally informational psychology class. First of all, the absence of a father would have a large impact since the role of a father is very important. Fathers often engage in more physical play than mothers, which is great when developing a child. Also, boys and girls tend to choose their fathers over mothers as playmate. According to the video, six in ten children are born without a father, who is the figure children look to when wanting to play. According to our psychology book on page 389, "Children benefit from warm, close relationships with their father regardless of how much time they spend with him."
We have also learned that children from single-parent families have more behavior problems, such as aggression and impulsivity, than do children from two parent families. "There risk for crime is about seven times higher than for children in two-parent families" (Lilienfeld 390). Although we are given this information, it only shows a correlation. We cannot simply say that single mothers cause children to be aggressive or be criminals. However, from the statistics provided in the video about the changes occurring in family structure, we can observe and hypothesize the affects these changes can have on children.

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