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Throughout this psychology course, we have learned various concepts and ideas about psychology, health, medication, and popular myths. Much of psychology can be applied to everyday life, whether it is to question everything one hears and attempt to find scientific support for it or why some habits are harder to end compared to others. However, the psychology idea that I believe will stick with me throughout time is the concept of relationships. It was interesting to learn that proximity, similarity, familiarity, reciprocity, and barriers to relationships were all factors of successful, or unsuccessful, relationships.

It made sense that all of these factors play into relationships, and reveals why many of my past friendships have either failed or prevailed through time. Of course, there are always exceptions to these guidelines. Right now, my closest friend is attending school five hours away, but during Thanksgiving break it was as if no time had passed at all. Clearly, it has only been a few months, so does not mean that the friendship is guaranteed to last in the future.

The relationship concept covered in psychology will be most memorable for me, for I can apply it directly to my life. Since it is an applicable concept, it will be memorable for me in the long-run compared to other concepts covered in this psychology course.

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