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Throughout Psy 1001, there have been many concepts that we have all learned, so it is tough to think of one that we will never forget. For me, one that popped into my head was the conditioning techniques. Just the other day, I was thinking of how I could condition myself to do something. We use these classical and operant conditioning techniques throughout our lives, whether it be teaching our children to do somthing, or teaching our pets not to do something.
Classical and operant conditioning are concepts that I will use now, a few years from now, and in the future when I am living on my own. I will them to train my pets to behave, and I will use them to teach my future children how to walk, go to the bathroom, and how to not do bad things or act out. We will all use these concepts throughout our lives, and we have all used conditioning already. When we hear certain noises, we may feel fear. When we see yummy looking treats, we get hungry and we salivate because we want them. We have been trained to use the bathroom and to do our homework and go to school for 18+ years.
This is something that I understood very well, and it is something that I will always remember and use throughout my life.

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