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The aspect of psychology I will remember most five years from now is the sections we covered in human development. My major is child psychology and I am very interested in the development of children. What I find especially interesting is the process of social development in children and the process of learning language. I will remember this aspect of psychology because it interests me and because it really stuck out for me. I find it very interesting that all children tend to develop in very similar ways. I will use this knowledge in a future career working with children in a psychological sense. I believe that knowing how development occurs is an important part of understanding how and why humans act certain ways. With this background, I think that what I learned in Psychology 1001 will help me in future Child Psychology classes. I am very excited for my psychology class next semester and I feel especially prepared now that I was able to learn about certain parts of human development. I am happy to have a basic understanding of parenting styles and the emotional development in adolescence. I will use the concepts I learned this semester and apply them to my future education and career.

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