Racism in Books

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There have been many different books that have had claims of racism. Many of these books are children's books. There could be a variety of reason on why there are hints of racism in these books. These books were written and published a long time ago. Books like Huckleberry Fin and Pippi Longstocking are all books that were written a while back, but are still enjoyed by children today.

There is an interesting dichotomy here. On one hand we have priceless classics that are primarily targeting children, and on the other hand we have these books that have some unacceptable terms or overlying ideas. The question is how do these books effect children? From an outside perspective, I think it must plant the seed of question in children. In lecture, we learned that most modern racism is ties with cognition. After reading such book children will start asking question such as what is this word? Why do these children do this and the other children do this?

In lecture, it was said the best ways to desegregate were:
· Start Early

· Employ equal status contact

So what can be done? Should we ban these books from school? There have been a few times where Huckleberry Fin has been banned from various places.

I think we should just "modernize" them. I think if we do this we can have the best of both worlds. We can keep the classic books and we can let the young future generation read them. The future generation will then get a sense of what the older books were like and avoid the maybe present racism.

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