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I have a difficult time thinking about what I would do with myself later on in life if I found that I had witnessed a murder or someone getting hurt, but not acted upon the situation because I had fallen victim to the bystander-effect. This being said I am promising myself that I will always act if I am presented with a situation similar to the one I described. So if I ever see someone who is being mugged or if someone crashes their car I am making sure that I will be one of if not the first one to call 911. There are shocking statistics about this effect, and it is saddening to know that most individuals will stand by because they think that others will answer the call and cover for them. This site shares some examples of notorious occurrences of the bystander-effect at its finest http://listverse.com/2009/11/02/10-notorious-cases-of-the-bystander-effect/ . Some of these cases deal with people that were actually involved with the process as a whole compared to my expectations of a random and spontaneous event. Nonetheless I would like to feed myself with the correct knowledge take action, and to prevent or at least limit the damage the situation is presenting.

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