Those makes life changing even after five years of this class

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The concept which I could remember for five years from today is the 6 scientific thinking concepts learnt in Chapter 1. I think I could remember this even more than five years because it is quite useful in daily life and in my career in the future.
By having good understand those scientific thinking theories and fallacies we could fall into, I could use them to avoid real life problems and applied them into my further study in social psychology and economics.
For me, when learning economics and business, people's thinking plays quite an important role in it because the whole business world and economics environment are shaped by people who runs and functioning in them. When analysis an macroeconomic changes in real world, I could apply scientific thinking concepts about thinking other explanation than what we have right now trying to figure out what is the main reason cause economic situation changes at that point, weather is social prospection in stock market or government new policies, or even the development of a new industry. Furthermore, by knowing the existence of confirmation bias, I could make wiser choice in the future by intentionally value a question with objective view instead following enthusiastic and initial feeling about it, which will help in both career and private life.
I will trying to combine those scientific principles with my initial value of world from my own culture, a crush of western scientific thinking and oriental mentally concepts, to shaping a sympathetic yet objective value standard to guide my life.

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Those makes life changing even after five years of this class - Psych 1001 Section 010 and 011 Fall 2011 Read More

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It is obvious that this is what impressed you most, if you remember it for such a long time, bravo!Home

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