What I will remember five years from now...

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The concept that I will most likely remember five years from now is biological psychology. This was the most interesting topic for me. I really learned a lot about structures in the brain, where certain functions take place, etc. Another concept that I will most likely remember that is very closely associated to biological psychology and the brain is memory. That was also very interesting to learn because memory is a very unpredictable.
The reason I will probably remember these subjects better than any of the others is because I want to be a surgeon. As you know, doctors are very interested in the anatomical side of things. The biological side of things is very interesting and easy for me to learn. Memory isn't necessarily related to the specific field I want to study but like I said before, the variability and uncertainty of memory is what makes it such an interesting concept to study.
I'm not saying I'll forget all of the research and facts that we've learned about other areas of psychology. I'm saying that the two areas that I will remember the most about is biological psychology and memory.

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