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Psychology to Family Life

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When my brother and I were little we obviously never got along due to the enduring stereotypical behaviors of two young siblings. We would never really see eye to eye, and sometimes I just believed that he didn't really enjoying being related to me. Eventually my family and I learned that he had Asperger's disease, a disorder that is characterized by problems involving development of social skills and behavior. Now that I know this information, this is how I am going to utilize not only what I have learned in terms of one specific branch of psychology, but for the most part, almost all of them. I will say though that I will use some more than others. Perhaps, not by just using that I know from social psychology that humans are naturally social or maybe the theory of social comparison, I could use what I know from what we have discussed in terms of relationships and dating. It may sound silly, which even I will admit that it does, but these natural instincts are the ones that he somewhat lacks and the ones that I believe, due to the new knowledge of the mind that I have acquired, I can not only help him with but also know how to interact with him myself.

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