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The Onion: Ugly Babies

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I found this hoax article that says that the babies born this year are the ugliest babies born in the past 30 years. The scientific thinking principles I can apply to this are ruling out rival hypotheses, falsifiability, replicabitity and extraordinary claims. Ruling out rival hypotheses applies to this because the reason that this is said could be merely because the man that said it was upset or biased or just had a different opinion then many other people. Falsifiability is a part of it because it cannot be disproved because it is a mere matter of opinion. Opinion cannot be the basis of scientific facts. Replicability applies to this story because this is only tested among one group of babies that were born at one hospital and to one doctor. If anyone else were to look at the same children they could say that they aren't ugly babies at all. If they were to test this on a different group of children born this year they may not be ugly either. This is an extraordinary claim because it is far from being able to be proven and it is an opinion and not a well-tested result. The evidence would need to be in depth and substantial to prove that this year had the ugliest babies that were born ever. A concept that could explain how these results came about could be a confirmation bias by the doctor. For whatever reason he may have expected this to happen and he ignored any pretty babies and only saw the ugly ones or ignored that they were pretty and accentuated their uglier features.

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