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What I'll Always Remember

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I feel like the scientific thinking principles will always apply to real life. They can be used to compare and analyze things that happen every day. For most situations, like the saying "there are two sides to every story" there can be more than one explanation for things which is an example of Ruling out Rival Hypotheses. An example of correlation vs. causation is that, with my group of friends we are all very similar and it could be that we were all so similar and that is why we became friends or because we are all friends we started to be more alike. I actually used this thought process today in a conversation. Falsifiability is very common in being able to tell whether or not someone is lying to you. Whether or not you can prove or disprove the claim that they are making. Occam's razor is a way to think of things when you are trying to explain how something happened. When something happens and one person comes up with a crazy reasoning of the situation, you can think of this and try to reason that whatever is the simplest and most easily probable explanation is probably what really happened.

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