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We all understand that many factors can affect the development of our emotions. There are two main factors of them : nature and nurture. Nature vs Natur is one of the classic battle of the main explaination of human behaviors in psychology.

"Nature" relates to biological and chemical properties of the human being. Sometimes, the short of or high levels of some specific hormone can markedly affect one's emotional development. For instance, we have lots of studies shown that a high level of testosterone can let someone's character become more courageous and aggressive, where else extreme amounts of estrogen will lead to a sensitivity and emotional character. T All of these are scientific approach to nature affect the development of emotion.

At meantime, "Nurture" refers to the environment that a human being is surrounded by. We also have evidence shown a significant impact on the influence to a child from its parents or other family members. For instance, a kid who is grow up in a emotional sensitivity family is more likely to accept the same values than who was grow up in a suppress family environment. For all these reasons, we cannot disaffirm that nurture also play a important roll in human's emotional developerment.

It is important to realize that emotional development is cumulative reslut from both these factors and it is necessary for us to achieve our fullest potential.

Source: http://blogs.psychcentral.com/dbt/2011/03/is-your-emotional-sensitivity-nature-or-nurture/

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