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Do you remember?

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There are a lot of concepts in psychology that are extremely useful in daily life given that psychology is the study of behavior. Yet, there is one concept I will never forget. The idea that we only remember events that stand out (events we want to remember) seems obvious, but in fact, is a hidden mystery of life. I think this is critical for everyone's lives not only in eliminating and fighting stereotypes/prejudice, but socially.

For example, when coming to a new place, such as the University of Minnesota, everyone was anxious to meet new people and form a close group of friends. However, not only do you want to make friends, but in general, people prefer a mutually 'beneficial' relationship. By this, I mean a relationship in which both people are invested. Therefore, in this case, both individuals would make an effort to maintain the friendship.

Typically, when I talk to people they are always 'making the effort' to make new friends. However, I think this is because you only remember when you initiate the conversation. This may be due to the fact that it takes a conscientious effort to start the conversation and therefore is easier to remember. (A Rival Hypothesis?) Similarly, when people are frustrated that other individuals are unfriendly and neglect to say hello, they need to recall their position as well. Did they say hi? Have they initiated a friendly greeting? Do we only remember our own seemingly non trivial actions? When will we be able to recognize and remember those same actions in others?

In my opinion, this will start when people make an effort to recognize not only their actions but others as well. I think this basic idea has the potential to ease anxiety when it comes to relationships.

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