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Five Years Later

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I think I will remember quite a lot from psychology in the future. Much of what we learned applies in everyday life and I already find myself analyzing people and situations in different ways without evening trying. I have to say that I actually find much of psychology useless in enhancing society and I have already argued plenty of times with my roommate who believes highly in the importance of psychology. Because of this I think much of it will stick with me for awhile. The one thing I won't forget is "fake" memories. I don't know why this was ingrained in my head so well, but I never knew how easily the mind and memories could be altered.

This is a classic study that the textbook also mentions. I find it interesting that this type of memory creation is possible. It makes me be more hesitant in trusting others when they recall past events. Not only can memories be changed or created, but just the fact that people perceive the same situations differently, so aspects can true and false. This also has implications on eye witness accounts and testimonies of people in lawful situations.

Most of psychology deals with the mind and memories are no different. I'll remember the mind's ability to alter memories to make them true past events. This topic will be a real memory of mine in the future and will effect how I view certain situations.

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