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Happiness and My Future

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In the next five years or so, I will remember the emotion and motivation chapter. More specifically, the part where it explains what makes us happy. Many people, including me at times, think that money makes us happy, or that the situation and outcomes is what determines our happiness, but I have always believed that it is more than that. This section explains it perfectly. When I am on my own I will need to know what makes me happy in times where I am not. Exercise is proven to increase happiness because it is an antidepressant, so if I am feeling down, my knowledge of this will improve my mood. Also, when applying for jobs in the near future, I will look for something that will make me happy. If the job is not fulfilling or something I enjoy doing, it will not be worth it; therefor, I will only apply for jobs that I will be in the state of "flow" (a state in which we are totally absorbed in an activity and do not notice time passing). This will increase my level of satisfaction with the job and subjective well-being. Recently, I have realized that working with people and doing activity, not sitting for a whole workday at a desk, is what makes me happiest and time passes very quickly while doing this. I will definitely consider this in searching and applying for jobs.

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