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In Chapter 4 of our textbook, a statement that really resonated with me was, "We often assume that our sensory systems are infallible and that our perceptions are perfect representations of the world around us." For the majority of my youth I never realized how different our sensations and perceptions vary from person to person. I always assumed that because someone else was experiencing the same thing as me; they must be feeling and perceiving the same things as me as well. I never gave much thought to the fact that our brains and bodies are different; therefore, our interpretations are different. It was this egocentric way of thinking that caused me to be close-minded, judgmental, etc. I didn't have a very good understanding of other people and how they experience life and the world around them. To this day I am grateful for that change in perception and that understanding that each person experiences life in totally different ways than I do--regardless of how similar our experiences seem to be. Although the processes we go through to interpret outside stimuli are the same, the perceptions our brain and bodies acquire are very unique. This has to be one of the greatest reasons why each person is so individual and special. It's our perceptions on life and the things that happen to us (along with genetics) which help shape our attitudes and actions. For the rest of my life, I will constantly be reminding myself that sensations and perceptions are not universal among people. For me, this understanding helps me be more open-minded, accepting, patient, etc. It allows me to see and feel more and realize that, when it comes down to it, life and its experiences are really only what you perceive.

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