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Divorce and children

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Does divorce impact children?
In one article I read, Journal of Marriage and Family, Demo and Acock say that "the pattern of empirical findings suggest that children's emotional adjustment, gender-role orientation, and anti-social behavior are affected by family structure." Two psychologists argued that one of the basic functions of the family is to serve as a stable, organically integrated "factory" in which human personalities are formed(Parson's and Bales). Two parents also emphasize the importance of role models in children's lives. They are the initial and primary reinforcers of their children's behavior. Straying from the nuclear family is problematic for children's development, especially during the adolescent stage because that is a crucial time in the developmental process. Some developmental problems are deficiencies in maturation dealing with cognitive development, achievement, conformity, and moral learning. As a result of divorce, children are prone to divorce once they do marry, or not even want to marry at all.

Many of the studies of the effects of divorce on children show the negative aspects. The social and psychological effects on well-being are aspects of self-concept, personal adjustment, antisocial behavior, interpersonal relationships, etc. The age of the child during the time of the divorce plays a big role in how much it affects them. Studies show that preschool- age kids aren't as affected by it then school-aged kids are. They are more aware of what is going on and have a deeper attachment. Another factor that affects children is who has custody of them. The gender of the parent and child can have an effect on how the child adjusts. Girls are shown to adjust better with their mothers, and boys adjust better with their fathers, but the rate of father's gaining custody is very low. Over time, as children adjust to their new environment, the affects of divorce become easier to deal with.

I listed a few ways children are affected by divorce. There are many different ways living in single family homes with separated parents affects them. I believe that there are a lot of deep psychological problems that can be correlated with divorce in children. It is very hard for them to deal with their parents splitting, and it can affect them throughout their lives, and it can affect their own families they create in their futures.

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