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Over the past two weeks of Psychology class, we have learned about the concept of hindsight bias. Hindsight bias, also known as the "knew-it-all-along effect" or "creeping determinism", is the tendency to believe that we could have predicted something that has already occurred. Hindsight bias is important because it occurs in everyday life. It is especially prevalent in sports and politics. For example, when someone fumbles the ball in a football game, a viewer could say that they knew that was going to happen. Did they really know that was going to happen, or did they become an example of hindsight bias? Chances are, the answer is of the latter.

Another example of hindsight bias is exemplified when viewers see a commercial or advertisement for a product. If you have found yourself looking at a product and thinking, "I could have thought of something like that a long time ago", then you have fallen victim to hindsight bias. Often times, I see products at the store or see an advertisement that are so simple and useful and say to myself, "I could have invented that!" However, I never really would have thought to invent such an item before seeing that product or advertisement.
The question is this: What are other examples of hindsight bias in everyday life? And how often do you believe we fall victim to this theory?

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