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That Can't be Right. Can it?

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The emotional reasoning fallacy is the act of disregarding scientific claims that contradict or oppose our current beliefs. This logical fallacy tends to be very popular because nobody wants to hear claims that give them negative emotions. It is important to be aware of this fallacy and to avoid it at all costs, as not doing so may lead to unwanted results.
I have found myself to be a victim to the emotional reasoning fallacy in many instances. I find it much easier to completely reject a statement or proven claim rather than change my current ideals, as i can be quite ignorant at times. Last year while playing soccer i began experiencing extreme pain in my foot every time i stepped onto the field. I figured i had just bruised my foot, and that the pain would be gone soon enough. Well, this thinking went on for days so i decided to get it checked out. After getting it examined, the school trainer told me i could not play, and that if i continued putting that kind of pressure on my foot it could fracture. The words that came out of the trainers mouth were hidden behind my ego, and i disregarded everything she said. Sure enough, less than a week later i was in the hospital for surgery.
After this incident i became much more aware of this fallacy, and i do all i can to avoid it. It is amazing how many people overlook proven claims because they do not want to change their current beliefs and do not want to accept the truth. It would be interesting to know how many severe injuries in sports are a direct result of the emotional reasoning fallacy.

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