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Milgram Experiment

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I think the most interesting thing we have studied so far is the Milgram experiment. I find it intriguing and disturbing that research subjects could so easily be convinced to hurt complete strangers. Its amazing how people respond so well to authority. Even a strange man in a lab coat was able to order people about to do something they know is wrong. Its scary to wonder what would happen if an entire government was able to control its people in this way. The best example of this i can think of is Nazi Germany. I didn't know that the Nazi's rise to power was such a perfect example of people's subconscious needs to submit to a group or authority. This i believe is why it is so important to study psychology and history. Had people not been educated about the Holocaust it is not so far-fetched to think that something like that could happen again. You can see this in less educated countries around the world. In Rwanda in 1994 a massive their was massive genocide between two very similar ethnicities of people. The majority Tutsi people began killing the minority Hutu people.This happened all because of slight tensions between the two peoples and a rebel movement that sucked people up into it creating hatred and anger. Had the people in Rwanda learned about how easily it is to get sucked up into a group and be forced to do terrible things, perhaps the genocide would never have happened.

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