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Unintentionally Remembering

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When I took psychology in high school, and when I took it here this semester, one subject has always been my favorite and has caught my eye: Inattentional Blindness.

We have all seen the video where you are supposed to count the amount of basketball passes made during a short clip. While you are busying counting, a gorilla walks by, and goes unnoticed due to your focus on counting.

To me, it seems remarkable how we can so easily overlook strange happenings when our attention is focused elsewhere. While I was still in high school, around Christmas time, I was at the mall with my girlfriend at the time. Yea I know it sucked, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. My girlfriend was looking at boots through a store window. Clearly she was very focused on them because while she was looking, Aaron Rodgers walked by in front of us and she didn't even notice him! (I went to high school in Green Bay) She loves Aaron Rodgers and is familiar with what he looks like. She did not recognize him due to inattentional blindness.

My curiosity is, how many strange or extraordinary things might we see in our lifetime that we don't even recognize due to inattentional blindness?,r:0,s:0

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