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Correlation does not mean causation, representative bias, and hind-sight bias are distinctions that I will carry like an armed weapon. As time goes by, and we have experiences, we create schemas; as we have learned in our course. The schemas help our minds to make sense of the world in which we are perceiving. As we have learned our senses are motivated, and our neurons get excited, connecting synapses reaching out with our dendritic arms, wirings of complexity, systems of fiber optics that run through-out our bodies. All of this process, most of us are just now becoming aware of. My point is that until now, mostly, I have trusted and believed what my mind, and body has perceived as correct information, or as somewhat true, and real. Now it must pass through the empirical method. What kind of data do I have to support what I am thinking or saying? Is this the true cause, or are there other variables? My experience tells me one thing, and I quickly can find representatives that confirm my theory, but hold on! What if it is someone else's life that I am tampering with. I best not rely on my own mind, yet the bodies of minds, and research that have created a backbone, not of sugar and phosphates, but of consciousness. Even perhaps, if Jung is correct; Archetypes that form part of our descended unconsciousness. So as many others students have commented, that it is not just one variable, or distinction, that we will be taking and remembering for years to come. It will be many of the experiences ,and ideas that we have shared and covered these last months of our lives. Not only are we taking definitions, but a shared part of the history that B.F.Skinner, Jean Piaget, Erik Erikson, Ivan Pavlov, and Sigmund Freud amongst others have shared.

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