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Lying or Not?

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We all know what a polygraph test is but do we know how accurate they are? We know from our psychology book that the tests measure the changes in skin conductance and even respiration. According to, it is fairly close to 100 percent correct. The article suggests that it depends on the experience of the examiner. If you have an inexperienced examiner, they might not be able to read the results correctly after each question. However, if an experienced examiner reads the results, they have the practice and knowledge in knowing what to look for. The article brings up an example of an examiner asking ten questions. The examiner identified seven correct decisions, wrong in one, and two were inconclusive. Since there were eight definitive answers and two inconclusive, the article figured the accuracy to be 87.5%. That is pretty accurate. Common errors in a inexperienced examiner are things such as misinterpretation of the data, weak training of the individual, badly worded questions, and improper use of testing techniques. In my opinion I do not the polygraph test should be used in order to predict the accuracy of lies or truths. In critical situations, like court, there is such uncertainty with the test that it should not be reliable. Someone may be convicted that should not be because of an unreliable test.

Violent Video games and TV shows affect children's behavior positively and negatively. As we saw in our discussion section, children reacted to both violent and peaceful TV shows. After the TV shows, they started playing with each other. We noticed that after they watched the peaceful Barney show they were happily getting along and playing with each other. After the Power Rangers show was done they started acting out the fighting that occurred in the TV show. At an early age, children are very susceptible to imitating what they see and hear. So it does not surprise me that this is happening. TV shows and video games have the most impact on these children at a young age. Parents are not monitoring the TV or video games a child watches. A great example of a video game that has great influence on children's behavior is Grand Theft Auto. As a player of this video game, I can see how children may imitate the actions from the game. It involves beating people down with bats and shooting people and even stealing cars. This is not the proper material to be showing a child a young age. I am not saying all children that play these games will go on to perform these actions, but a certain amount will. I fortunately was not affected by the actions of the game. I know there are limitations to obtaining these games to play, but all it takes is for a child to go to a friend's house and play it. I know in my future of being a parent I will monitor what my child is watching and playing.

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