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Bystander Effect

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I am sure some of us have fallen pray to the bystander effect. I know I have. In this case, the girl is portraying abduction by another man. It was shocking how no one even seemed shocked by what was occurring. They thought someone else was going to take care of it. That is what we call the bystander effect. Since we are not the only person around the area witnessing what's happening, we assume someone else will take the action of preventing or reporting a terrible behavior. In this day in age, people seem to be self centered and only focus on themselves and the safety of themselves. We also may not perceive the situation the same as others, which is called pluralistic ignorance. So we are not certain if we should intervene because of our uncertainty of the situation. There is also what is called the diffusion of responsibility, which is not feeling responsible for the individual. Like I mentioned, we are selfish and usually do not care about others. I can recall a situation just a couple of weeks ago where a couple of my friends and I were driving on the interstate late at night when we saw a car in the ditch with its lights on. It appeared to have been in distress, but we assumed someone else driving by would call it in. I think the reason we did not call it in was because we did not think it was our responsibility to take care of them. Now that I recall the situation, I regretfully wished we would have called for help.

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