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10 Percent of Our Brain

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For years now there has been the urban legend that, as humans, we actually only use 10 percent of our brain every day of our lives. This so called legend has appeared in claims in the media rather frequently over time, but now society has officially concluded that this "legend" is very much false.
There is one main reason as to why this myth was able to go on for so long. This myth was pushed forward by psychics and other paranormal activists that use it to explain psychic abilities. Looking at this claim from a critical standpoint, it is clear to see that these claims that were made by these so called "psychics" were extremely exaggerated. They had no real proof that anything they said was true. In each example listed in the article every person that made a claim about the brain and how much it is used never gave any substantial evidence. Here are two examples from the article, "We normally only use 10 to 20 percent of our minds. Think how different your life would be if you could utilize that other 80 to 90 percent known as the subconscious mind", and "Our minds are capable of remarkable, incredible feats, yet we don't use them to their full capacity. In fact, most of us only use about 10 percent of our brains, if that. The other 90 percent is full of untapped potential and undiscovered abilities."
To make matters worse, these exaggerated claims about "psychic" powers that had no criteria to back them up were also being pushed forward by people that refused to keep an open disposition on the matter.
Evidence that went against the "10 percent brain theory" can be seen in PET scans as well as MRI scans which clearly show that different parts of the brain are being used at different points but more than 10 percent of it is being used overall. Clearly anyone that still believes that only 10 percent of the brain is used in our everyday lives is ignoring the clear scientific evidence that is out there.

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