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One Accident in China Are Reported Worldwide

October 13, 2011, a two-year-old girl was knocked down and run over by two vans and ignored by 18 bystanders in Guangdong, China. The little girl, Wang Yue, was knocked by a van while wandering through a market, where her parents went shopping. The driver ran away without checking on the girl's condition. Over following 7 minutes, at least 18 people walked past the accident cense instead of helping her, even another van running over her leg. But no one stopped and gave her a hand. Finally, a rubbish collector helped the girl and send her to the hospital. Unfortunately, Wang Yue passed away a few days latter.
The accident was reported worldwide because people questioned the state of China morality. Yes, It is undeniable that those bystanders and drivers were apathy and cruel. But is it only simple apathy? Maybe there is another explanation from social psychology.china-toddler-car.jpg
the Explanation in Social Psychology Area
It is possible that social psychologist may call above phenomenon "bystander effect", they suggest that bystanders have no idea how to cope with emergencies. In other words, they are just frozen and helpless. There are two steps: pluralistic ignorance and diffusion of responsibility. Pluralistic ignorance refer to error of assuming that no one in a group perceives things as we do. To intervene the emergency, we have to figure out whether the condition is emergency or not. For example, we may think it is an emergency when we see a man laid down on the road but other people just walked away. Therefore we may mistakenly think the situation is not an emergency. However, pluralistic ignorance cannot explain the above example for car accident. obviously, the bleeding toddler is a really emergency. The second step is diffusion of responsibility, that refers to reduction in feelings of personal responsibility in the presence of others.
There were at least 18 bystanders in that 7 minutes, thereby, each person may feel less responsible for the accident. The bystander may think he or she was not the only one did not help the girl. It was his or her fault and they did not hit the girl. After all, everyone just walked away.Yuex-large.jpg
The Later Story
An old lady came to donate money during Wang Yue in the hospital, because Wang's parents were both immigrant workers so that they could not afford their daughter's surgeon. The old lay shows altruism, that is, helping others selflessly. We can find situational influences from the case: characteristics of victims, that is, wang's family is impoverished and the little girl was poor, and she may expose to role models who help others.1319404375_chen-xianmei-garbage-scavenger-ayi-who-helped-little-girl-yueyue-01.jpg
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